Bixby Land Company is committed to sustainable practices that are financially reasonable and create economic value for our shareholders and customers. This includes investing in existing buildings and new developments that increase operating efficiency reduce energy consumption and minimize our environmental footprint in the areas of waste, water and procurement. We collaborate with our vendors, service providers and customers to implement socially responsible green initiatives.

The development and operation of our real estate holdings in an environmentally sound manner is a key part of our corporate responsibility. As a commercial real estate operating and development company, Bixby Land Company embraces the opportunity to incorporate sustainable design features into both new and existing buildings, including:

White thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof coatings - 'Cool Roofs' - are more energy efficient than traditional black EPDM rubber roofs. Bixby has utilized these technical roof coatings to prolong the useful life of the original roof structure and reduce landfill waste created from the regular removal and replacement of the roofing materials structure.

In addition to the open and collaborative floor plans designed for today’s workforce, Bixby elevates the work experience of customers and visitors by offering indoor-outdoor office environments. The utilization of operable overhead, accordion and oversized sliding door components creates the opportunity for energy savings through cross ventilation. Fresh air contributes to user health and satisfaction, an important consideration in today’s tightly sealed building envelopes.  In certain climates and during specific times of the day the buildings “float” with no energy load as a result of the ventilation.

Bixby’s team of energy consultants ensure all lighting and HVAC retrofits create future energy savings and improve ROI while also protecting our environment by reducing the consumption of energy. Motion sensors, dimmers and natural daylight sensors reduce consumption. Bixby systematically replaces dated bulbs with high-efficiency, long-lasting LED lamps. During building renovation work the most advanced LED fixtures are utilized. Bixby’s programming and commissioning vendors track HVAC energy loads and review, maintain and regularly upgrade Building Management Systems in order to optimize energy efficiency. Bixby also adheres to rigid guidelines for the disposal of replaced materials.

Bixby works closely with landscape architects to replace turf and other thirsty plant material with drought tolerant, low water plantings. The installation of “smart controllers” (irrigation control systems that sense saturated soils and weather conditions) and regular seasonal checks optimize water usage for landscaping. Bixby also utilizes the latest in plumbing fixture designs to conserve water and uses recycled reclaimed water for exterior landscaping irrigation on select properties where feasible.

Bixby has incorporated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at select properties and endeavors to support the use of clean electricity and other alternative fuel and transportation options. In addition, a variety of bicycle storage units are available across Bixby’s portfolio to encourage alternative transportation.

A “Green Cleaning” requirement has been instituted with many vendors. This includes using green cleaning products, restroom supply products made from recycled materials and managing the frequency of services.

Bixby has implemented programs for regularly scheduled electronic waste pick-up and disposal. Recycling programs have been implemented across the portfolio in an effort to reduce landfill waste and limit the use of natural resources.