Bixby Land Company Announces Rebranding to Bixby Capital Management

June 28, 2024by Christina Khamis

Bixby Land Company announces its rebranding to Bixby Capital Management. This strategic initiative reflects the company’s evolution and better aligns its brand with its business strategy of institutional and private capital management.

The Bixby team has a track record of excellence in capital management serving as a trusted partner for institutions, pension funds, and private individuals. Bixby recognizes the importance of clarity and alignment in its brand identity. The decision to rebrand to Bixby Capital Management stems from a desire to better reflect its current business operations and strategic focus within the investment management business.

“Aligning our name with our business strategies is essential for better market positioning and clarity,” said Aaron Hill, CEO & President of Bixby Capital Management. “The rebranding to Bixby Capital Management underscores our continued commitment to disciplined investing and reinforces our dedication to serving our stakeholders with transparency and integrity.”

The name change addresses potential confusion among investors and capital partners regarding Bixby’s investment focus. By transitioning away from the former name, which included ‘Land,’ Bixby Capital Management aims to clearly differentiate itself from the land development sector and emphasize its expertise in investment management.

“Bixby Capital Management will operate as a subsidiary of Bixby Land Company, leveraging our rich history of over 125 years in the industry,” added Aaron Hill. “This rebranding honors our legacy of pioneering exceptional value while accurately reflecting our focus on investment management.”

The transition to Bixby Capital Management is effective immediately. Clients, partners, and stakeholders can expect to see the new branding reflected across all communications and platforms in the coming weeks.

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